Wings for freedom

Wings for freedom

The theme of the new wing at the For Freedom Museum is the Battle in the air during World War II.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Bahaat Association, the visitor is guided through the captivating stories of World War II pilots and their crew members in a masterful setting.

The archeological group around Bahaat, have been excavating crashed aircraft for more than 25 years and have ensured that many missing crew members, both Allied and German, were given a dignified grave.

Decorator, scenographer, Pierre Verbreydt once again surpassed himself to portray the history of 5 years of continuous air war over Belgian soil in fabulous scenes.

The entire war chronology is presented in a historical manner and is even made more illustrative by the contribution of the internationally renowned aviation cartoonist Thomas Du Caju, making the latest form of archeology a real experience.

'Wings For Freedom' will be the crowd puller for young and old this summer. Du Caju's artistic contribution brings a new form of communication to the storytelling of an event, particularly attractive to a young audience.

Together with the majestic original outfits of pilots and crew members and the professionally restored wax heads by curator Fred, the experience of this new wing is breathtaking.

The new wing integrates perfectly into the theme of Occupation and Liberation WW II  of the For Freedom Museum and will be permanently open from  June 17th.